Gives you hints on how to beat the traffic. Keeps an eye on your speed and warns you about speed cameras., a rather decent navigation.

Drive safely

You can see the speed limit at all times, and if you exceed it, the app will alert you immediately. And it warns of oncoming speed cameras, too.

You will easily avoid tailbacks

The application follows attentively traffic situation on your route. As soon as it finds out a problem, in will make immediately a proposal for you, which way it would be best to drive around.

Nothing will surprise you during your journey any more

With traffic map, you will be informed about accidents, radars, restrictions and closings even before you set out on a journey. The application may advise you how to avoid the places concerned and to save time during your journey.

Do not stand. Go monitors the current traffic information, thanks to which the fastest possible track may be planned for you.

Transparent navigation to the lanes

Navigation will show you which traffic lane you are to enter before a crossroads.

To your destination at a steady pace

The application follows traffic continuity in the course of your driving and adapts continuously you route, so that you might reach your destination as soon as possible.

Smart advisor for your journeys may find the nearest petrol pump for you including fuel prices, will help you with parking zones as well as with paying the parking fee, which you may reimburse simply directly through the application.

Weather will not surprise you anymore

Do not let weather surprise you. In connection with every route planning you may find out weather conditions at your destination. And this up to 5 days in advance. We assume current information concerning temperature, precipitations or sunrise from the service

Offline maps work even without a signal

Download maps of the entire world to navigate without internet connection. No more getting lost when you're out of data.

My maps will simplify filing

You can organize your trips, routes, interesting places on the road and your own photos in folders that you can easily share with others.

Tips for trips nearby

Anywhere in the world you may find places which are worth seeing. You may simply add them to your current route or directly plan a trip.

Outdoor, aerial and winter maps

You may plan your tourist trail or a trip at any place in the world, even offline.

Tracker will record your trips

Whether you go on foot, on a bike or by car, all you have to do is to turn on the Tracker and you can record your journey. Even without internet access. You may save it and display it to your friends.


Thanks to panoramic pictures you can take a virtual walk in the streets of Czech cities, so that you can take a trial walk and then know where to go when you actually get to the place.

3D view of the world

You can also see the whole world in the impressive 3D view that seems like you are actually flying above.

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